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This website has grown over time; on average the site currently gets 60 visits each day! I would like to thank everyone for visiting, and I do appreciate all comments and suggestions; as always photos and info about any 757 is more than welcome.

Production List: ACTIVE (last update , Sep 5, 2021) / Photos: 936 active (last update May 25, 2020)

  • Sep 1 – N48127 (c/n 28968) of United Airlines 1st 757 in new United Airlines c/s; ferried Amarillo/AMA-Newark/EWR as UAL2723 August 30th after repaint.
  • Aug 20 – N172AJ (c/n 32400) performed a local test flight at Goodyear/GYR August 19 in full Amerijet International c/s.
  • Jul 20 – TF-ISX (c/n 30179) of Icelandair ferried Lleida/ILD-Keflavik/KEF as ICE6080 July 20th; after storage; to return to service July 21st.
  • Jul 4 – N183AN (c/n 29593) ex American Airlines ferried Roswell/ROW-Anchorage/ANC-Khabarovsk/KHV-Xiamen/XMN as JTN211 July 3rd (arriving July 5); for conversion to freighter in China.
  • Jun 28 – Amerijet International Airlines new 757 (freighter) operator; first aircraft, N818NH, was delivered June 15th.
  • Jun 21 – N788BC (c/n 32242) re-rgd UR-AZO to Azur Air Ukraine; ferried Marana/MZJ-Bangor/BGR-Shannon/SNN-Istanbul/SAW as UTN4004 June 19th (arrived June 21st).
  • Apr 25 – OE-LFB re-rgd LZ-BRB; currently at Budapest in ASL Airlines Belgium c/s without titles; for ?

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  1. Hi
    I am trying to find out the fate of the ex Monarch airlines 757’s recently withdrawn from use (November 2014) I am told they may be returned to the lessor in the USA either for breaking or re-sale
    The british registrations of these aircraft are G-MONJ and G-MONK – if you have any information I would be very grateful.
    Thank you

  2. Verified: 757-200 N309DH is sitting outside our hangar at Cecil Field Jacksonville for conversion by FlightStar Inc.

    1. Hi Eric,
      Thanks for info; do you know if ex-Royal Air Maroc 757 N686AL is still there? or has it been scrapped?

  3. Icelandair is receiving 2 new aircraft from IFLY one is EI-DUA s/n 26247 and other one I do not know at the moment. It is possible it will be EI-DUC s/n 26248 they are replacing TF-FIY and TF- FIZ

  4. Thanks for making this website. Just flew on 757-223 N197AN and it really is a great plane even 15 years later. (2001) I don’t know what airlines are going to replace it with, it’s the perfect size for many routes and its range is much longer that 321, MD90-50, etc.

  5. Actually German Condor hast manys 757-300, but they Use them for long haul AS Well which we sonst Like, we fly in dec 31th to new years from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt, with a necessary fuel Stop in Dubai. We think ITS Not made for this Long way regarding comfort and health of passengers.

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